terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

I Ask of You...

There Was a Guy,
That I Used to Know,
Not Very Long Ago.

But I Was to Shy,
To Even Pass By Him,
Hoping He Would Know,
That I've Seen Him Around,
Ever Since I Found Him,
A Month and Two Years Ago.

I Tried to Be Brave,
I Tried to Be Strong,
I Guess I Waited Much to Long.

You're the Hot Skater Guy,
Who I Thought I'd Give a Try,
You're to Late You Missed Out,
I Still Messed Things Up no Doubt.

I Thought I Gotten Over You,
Those Feelings Come Back Out of the Blue,
Now Let's Be Friends and Start Anew,

Cause That's All I Ask of You.

That's When I Saw Him Walking With You,
And I Didn't Know What to Do,
I Was So Mad Because He Knew,

That I Liked Him He Still Choose You.

I Got Him Back I Don't Think He Know's,
My Friend Had Wrote That Note,
He'd Read It That Day and Just Walked Away,
They've Broken Up the Very Next Day.

I Don't Feel Bad For What I've Done,
She Was a Rude One From Day One,
We Hang Out and Watch Tv,
Our Favorite Cartoon Show!
To Finally Get Over You I Need Your Help to Get Me Threw This...

I Know That You and I Could Be,
Good Friends If I Could Finally,

Straighten Things Out Between You and Me,
I'm Trying to Hard This I Can See,
I Need to Let Things Go So Easily,
Not Be Afraid of What You Think of Me,

To Start Things Over...

You Hurt Me Once But That's Alright,
I'm Willing to Give You One Last Try.

To Be You're Friend and Start Anew,
Please Mark That's All I Ask of You.

It's All I Ask of You,
Yeah It's All I Ask of You.

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